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May God Bless The Children of AbRAhim, and may all the children of IsRaEl be blessed, everyday as well. As the High Holy Days, celebrating the True Liberty and freedom of the Jewish people, are celebrated, may Palestine continue to be the Promised Land of the children of AbRAhim, Issac, and Israel, as Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur meet the AtONEment, that of the God of Moses, Aaron, and Joshua, the triumvirate leadership of YishRAel, into the everlastingly, and Heavenly Promised Land, that is meant for those that love Eternal Peace and Infinite Prosperity.

Moses brought the ToRA, The Divining Rod of The True Law of Love & Truth that states unitedly, "Love thy neighbor as thy Self." Moses, Aaron, Joshua, Caleb, Hur, Miriam, and all the captains of Israel, realized this before they ever overcame every giant of any problem.
































Merry Christmas, Glorious Easter, Happiest Pentecost to all our Christian, Catholic and Greek Orthodox, Armenian and Egyptian Coptic Brothers and Sisters, that hope to make the New Testament of Jesus Christ and His devine Apostles, Disciples, Priests, Nuns, and Deacons; and also the Laity, both choir and Lecters who serves the Gospel message of Love and Truth, that states unitedly: "Love the Lord thy God with all thy soul heart and strength, and thy neighbor as they self", as the Way of the Cross, as you see in the picture to your left, taken in the city of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, South America, that depicting Jesus with his hands in the form of a loving, Fatherly gesture, in the shape of a Cross, the same military discipline used by the ancient Romans in their training academies all throughout the Kingdom of Romulus, the victorious brother of Remis, his twin brother, who fought along side Romulus in the first Etruscan wars of self defense.

To the Apostles, especially men like Saint Paul, once Saul of Tarsus, who ordered the death of Saint Stephen, our first martyr, stoned to death by Saul and his horde of very angry, unjust, judges, who decided, sinfully, to murder Stephen, thus becoming the first martyr of Christendom.  Stephan was once a Roman solider, named Stephanus Regis Maximus, first officer, serving under The First Citizen of Rome, and Its Caesar, Centurion Gaetan Maximus Cornelius Dei, who served as the greatest Roman Centurion Rome ever knew in a Roman soldier.  He is found in the Book of Acts, chapter10, of the New Testament of the Bible. Being a good and righteous servant of G+d all of his life, he eventually won his freedom as a young Israelite Gladiator in the arenas of Caesarea Palaestina (now Palestine), and eventually the Arena of Rome, thus becoming the First Citizen of Rome, to the gladness of the people of Israel. Gaetan loved his God, Country, and the people of Abraham, who appreciated his support to all three faiths of the One, True God of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Gaetan grew up in Islamic, North Africa's ancient region, now known today as Tunisia, thus making his home again in Caesarea Israel (also known as Caesarea Palaestina and Caesarea Maritima), where he eventually became The Archbishop of that region.  Just before then, he was commissioned by Tiberius Ceaser, along with Stephanus, (Stephan) his first officer, to capture a  young rebel warrior, Simon Zealotes, the Zealot of Zealots, along side the also equally young, but elder, zealous leader, Jesus Barabbas, who was eventually apprehended by the now Roman Centurion, Gaetan Maximus Cornelius, and his first officer, Stephanus, as they stopped the caravan of Jesus and His company of apostles, disciples, and his retinue of 70 virgins, plus two, Mary, His mother, and Mary Magdalene, totaling 72 women in all, besides the men, on their journey to Jerusalem, Israel, where Christ was to be crucified, buried, and resurrected, to the glory of God, overcoming sin death, and the limitations of Nature, ascending to The Highest, once and for all, in One, and One, in All.   Later on, after St. Stephan's death, Cornelius rounded up his own Praetorium Guard to hunt down and arrest the five Praetorium guards of Pontius Pilate, and the seven Temple priests of Caiphas, who actually put Jesus (Yeshua) to such an ignoble death. Then after he retired from military life to build his new estate,
he eventually went on to become The Archbishop of Caesarea, ruling its entire region for The Ancient Roman Catholic Church.




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The One True God of Abrahim and his son Ishmael, ordered by the Archangel Gabriel, to give the Sacred and Holy Koran to the Prophet Mohemet, who wrote whatever Gabriel spoke to him and admonishing him that it is speech that separates our humanity from the animals and lower forms of creation. The icon of Islam is marked by a Divine Crescent, surrounded by a Holy Star, shaped like a benevolent pentacle, just outside the crescent arc of the moon cycle. Mohemet believed in the words of Saint Gabriel and wrote them in a tablet called Koranic Law; thus the Holy Koran states that all religious freedom and worship by all peoples, like Moses and the children of Israel, and Christ and his deciples. This gave all peoples the right to worship God without persecution by any other establishment or government or faith, and also have the right of jihad; i.e., or self defense, in order to defend the right of religious worship without harm or the moronic and backward practices of inquisition. Before the Koran, the peoples that believed in the One true God were severely persecuted to relieve them of the menace of society of our God given rights of true liberty and the freedom of speech that gave birth to men like King Arthur, Queen Elizabeth. the queen of England, and Thomas Jefferson, who wrote charters of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Reflected in the writings of the magician, Merlin, who adopted the crescent and the star as an emblem on his magician's hat, whose latest writings handed down to King Arthur, who believed that "There is no King but God," thus giving confirmation to the Islamic equation, "There is no God but God." This idea of universal prevalence and freedom that are now reflected in written works like The Magna Carter, The Declaration of Independence, and the United States Constitution also states that, "We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, do hereby establish justice, tranquility, and the right to the Pursuit of Happiness, the right of the freedom of speech, the right to freedom of worship, the right to bear arms, keeping peace, and the right to vote in a good government, whether that leader is male or female. These icons that you see are depicted in the holy text of the Koran. The magic carpet and the holy, magical lamp of every Aladdin, Jasmine, and family are mythological references to future technology.


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